Neha Bhasin: I used to wear leather pants at LSR, and I was always accepted

Neha Bhasin may be based in Mumbai now, but memories of the capital are still close to the heart of this Delhi-born singer. On a recent trip to the city, she revisited the back streets of Defense Colony and became nostalgic for South Delhi. “I left school in 2000 and had money for cafes and everything was not [a thing back then]. Kids these days go to popular cafes, and I think, “Their parents give them money for that much coffee!” Hum toh 5 k coffee, 2 ka samosa [lete the]woh bhi simple maa-baap ko mehenge lagte le (Laughs). I grew up in the chhole kulche near Moolchand, and lots of street food,” says the 39-year-old, who is popular for songs such as Chitta Kukkad and Jag Ghoomeya (Sultan; 2016).

Singer Neha Bhasin says she grew up in the chhole kulche near Moolchand and ate a lot on the street. (Photo: Shantanu Bhattacharya/HT)

Ask her about her school years, and she shares that she was a “poor student” until class X. “And suddenly, in class XI and XII, I did very well. I I was first in my class in XII! That’s how I got into Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) in 2001. I had been top in elective English and was ranked second in the ICSE board in India! mother said ‘Ab toh tumhe kuch karna padega’ I was like, ‘Abhi bhi mujhe music hi karna hai’ For me music was number one [priority].”

Bhasin also reveals his favorite hangouts. In addition to the popular restaurants frequented by all the cool kids, she had a special adda: “I used to go to this place behind my school, where my friends used to smoke. I was not a smoker, so I took banta with kala namak.

Before joining girl group Viva, she spent two years at LSR, studying Sociology (Hons), and thinks it’s one of the “coolest colleges”. She spent a lot of time jamming with friends, although she had initial hiccups about going to an all-girls college. “I came from a co-educational school and had some boy friends. So to land in a university with women of all shapes and sizes – 5,000 women on the first day of college – I felt like pass out,” she tells us, adding, “And then falling in love with college, it was such a beautiful time. I was only there for two years, but it was the best time of my life. .

She has so many fond memories of #CampusKeDin that she feels compelled to add, “LSR is a place where people accept you for who you are. It was really bohemian. I was that kind of leather and chain dresser. I used to wear leather pants in college! I watched pardesi but spoke desi. He was accepted. For me, LSR was the beginning of feminism, which means uplifting each other.

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