Punjab Assembly Elections: Ludhiana elected women snubbed when assigning speakerships

Women civil servants, who make up 50% of the 20,000 election workers, found themselves like the end of the stick at the end of the assignment process, as not a single one was named president of the next polls of the election. ‘State Assembly.

The presidents, who were all men, were appointed for no less than 2,978 polling stations.

Expressing her displeasure, a female teacher requesting anonymity said: “Female teachers have long advocated for equality in terms of rights, salaries and other facilities, but when it comes to homework, they are ignored for these positions. . We are not weaker and mentalities must be changed”.

Speaking on the issue, a senior administrative official said that since a president’s duties often involved staying late at night, female civil servants were excused with their safety in mind.

“To ensure the safety of female staff, only male staff have been appointed chairperson and women have been appointed tellers,” said the official, who did not wish to be named.

“Teachers can always have their duties changed by contacting their returning officers and can volunteer for the position of president during rehearsals citing seniority,” the official added.

Dismissing the official’s feeble reasoning, a female teacher delegated as deputy president said that she, and other female officials delegated to that position, could still be asked to take over as president in the event of his absence. ci, which would have him actually working late at night.

Pointing out the inherent sexism, the teacher said female civil servants were simply not seen as capable of taking on the responsibility.

Notably, the deputy electoral commissioner of the district, Varinder Kumar Sharma, said that the tasks are automatically generated by the software used by the Election Commission of India and that little can be done at the local administrative level.


    Nikhil Sharma is a staff journalist who covers Faridkot district in Mansa region of Punjab.
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