Review of key performance indicators and the financial communication program


BIC: Key KPIs revised for 2021
and financial communication agenda

CLICHY, FRANCE – March 18, 2021 – As mentioned in the press release of February 17, 2021, and from the first quarter of 2021, BIC will change its financial KPIs to align with the Horizon plan.

The changes are detailed in the table below:

Current key KPIs

New key KPIs (see glossary)

Net sales

Net sales

Change as reported

Change as reported

Change at constant exchange rates

Change at constant exchange rates

Change on a comparative basis

Change on a comparative basis


Operating income (IFO)

EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes)

Operating profit margin (IFO)

EBIT margin (profit before interest and taxes)

Normalized Operating Income (NIFO)

Adjusted EBIT (adjusted earnings before interest and taxes) or aEBIT

Normalized operating margin

Adjusted EBIT margin (aEBIT margin)

Net income group share

Net income group share

Earnings per share (EPS)

Earnings per share (EPS)

Normalized earnings per share (EPS)

Adjusted earnings per share (EPS)

Net cash from operating activities

Net cash from operating activities

Free movement of capital

Net cash position

Net cash position

BIC is also adjusting its financial agenda. Starting in the first quarter of 2021, the press release will be issued on the evening of the board meeting after market close and the management conference call will take place at 1:00 p.m. CET the following day.



Press release

Conference call

1st Results for the quarter 2021

April 27e – after market close
The period of calm will begin on April 13e

April 28e – 1:00 p.m. CET

AGM 2021

May 19e – 3:00 p.m. CET – The AGM will be held in camera

Live webcast

Results for the first half of 2021

July 28e – after market close
The period of calm will begin on the 16the July

July 29e – 1:00 p.m. CET

3rd Results for the quarter 2021

Press release: October 26e – after market close
The period of calm will begin on the 12the October

October 27e – 1:00 p.m. CET


  • Constant currency basis: Figures in constant currencies are calculated by converting the figures for the current year at the monthly average exchange rates of the previous year.

  • Organic change or comparative basis: at constant exchange rates and perimeter. Figures at constant scope exclude the impact of acquisitions and / or disposals made during the current year and / or during the previous year, up to their anniversary date. All comments on the Net Sales category are made on a comparative basis. The organic change excludes Argentina’s net sales for 2019 and 2020.

  • EBITDA: EBIT before depreciation

  • Adjusted EBIT: adjusted means to exclude normalized items.

  • Adjusted EBIT margin: adjusted EBIT as a percentage of net sales.

  • Net cash from operating activities: Cash generated by the principal activities of the entity and other activities which are not investing or financing activities.

  • Free movement of capital: Net cash flow from operating activities less capital expenditure (CAPEX). Free cash flow does not include acquisitions and proceeds from the sale of businesses.

  • Net cash position: Cash and cash equivalents + Other current financial assets – Current borrowings – Non-current borrowings (excluding financial liabilities following the implementation of IFRS 16)


Sophie Palliez-Capian
Vice President, Corporate Stakeholder Engagement
+33 1 45 19 55 28
+ 33 87 89 3351
[email protected]

Michele Ventura
Senior Manager, Investor Relations
+ 33 1 45 19 52 98
[email protected]

Albane from La Tour d’Artaise
Senior Manager, Institutional Press Relations
+ 33 1 45 19 51 51
+ 33 7 85 88 19 48
[email protected]

Isabelle de Segonzac
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+ 33 6 89 87 61 39
[email protected]


World leader in stationery, lighters and razors, BIC brings simplicity and joy to everyday life. For more than 75 years, the company has honored the tradition of providing high-quality, affordable essentials to consumers around the world. Through this unwavering dedication, BIC has grown into one of the most recognized brands and is a registered trademark around the world. Today, BIC products are sold in over 160 countries around the world and feature iconic brands such as BIC Kids ™, BIC FlexTM, BodyMark by BICTM, Cello®, Djeep, Lucky Stationery, Rocketbook, Sun®, Tipp-Ex®, We. TM, Wite-Out® and more. In 2020, BIC’s turnover amounted to € 1,627.9 million. The Company is listed on “Euronext Paris”, is part of the SBF120 and CAC Mid 60 indices and is recognized for its commitment to sustainable development and education. He received an A- Leadership score from the CDP. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube.


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