Rockies’ Nolan Arenado Wins Third Consecutive Platinum Glove Award

Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado received a coveted defensive award Friday night, sharing the stage with a high school teammate and another elite third baseman at a ceremony in New York.

Both Arenado and Oakland’s Matt Chapman are multiple Platinum Glove Award winners. Arenado was two years ahead of Chapman at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, Calif.

Both players were surprised when Mike Gonzales, their coach at El Toro, made a surprise appearance and presented the players with the awards.

“It’s huge. It’s such an honor (and) a proud moment for me and my family,” Gonzales told “Being a part of these guys’ careers and seeing how great they are compassionate with our family and my children, seeing their work ethic and seeing them mature as young men makes me so proud, knowing that I’ve known them since they were 12, 13 years old. The people they have become are simply amazing.

This is the third straight year Arenado has won the National League Platinum Glove and the second straight AL Platinum for Chapman.

The Platinum Glove contenders are the 18 Gold Glove winners in both leagues. The Platinum Award determines each league’s best defensive player and originated in 2011. Winners are chosen by a combination of fan votes and the Society for American Baseball Research’s Defensive Index, which takes into account the range of a defender, his arm and his safety, as well as his outstanding plays, using metrics such as reaction time, amount of ground covered and speed of shots.

Arenado, 28, is one month away from seven full major league years and has won a Gold Glove in each of those seven seasons. He is the first infielder in major league history to win a Gold Glove in seven seasons to start his career. Chapman won the American League third baseman’s Golden Glove in his two full seasons with the A’s.

The Rockies drafted Arenado in the second round from El Toro in 2009 after playing shortstop in high school. Chapman, 26, played the same position in high school and went to Cal State Fullerton before Oakland selected him in the first round in 2014.

“I talk to these guys all the time,” Gonzales said. “They are always so generous with the time they spend with me and my family. I have two boys who play baseball so they are always there for them if they need anything. It’s just a great relationship. They have always remained anchored. They never forget where they come from. It’s just a great friendship that they’ve grown to have.

Arenado and Chapman only face each other in interleague games, and the Rockies and A last played in 2018 and do not meet in 2020. But their bond is unbroken, made even stronger by their defensive excellence at the same time. post and their Platinum Glove Awards.

“Thank goodness we were able to stay healthy this year to go out and compete every day,” Arenado said. “There are so many great ball players who have won Gold Gloves and so many players who have not won Gold Gloves who are so good. So being voted on by (the fans) is a really surreal feeling. It’s quite surreal. But we just have to keep working hard and hopefully make it happen again.

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