Senate Republicans thwart legislation linking government funding to increased debt ceiling



SEnate Republicans have blocked a move to raise the debt ceiling and provide temporary government funding at a stalemate with Democrats over a bill that would spend up to $ 3.5 trillion on protection programs social.

Monday’s vote was 48-50. Democrats needed at least 10 GOP votes to move the bill forward, but knew well in advance that Republicans would not help.

Democrats must now find another way to raise the debt ceiling and provide a budget before public funding runs out in three days. The fiscal year ends Thursday and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the country would have no more funds to repay its loans by early October.

In a speech before the vote, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called on Democrats to decouple the two measures. Democrats blocked a bill introduced by McConnell on Monday that would have provided interim government funding until Dec. 3 and emergency aid to Afghan states and refugees.

“We’ll see if the Democrats in Washington really want to rule, or if they want to add the prospects of a government shutdown to the list with inflation, Afghanistan, the border and all the other national crises that are the result. direct from their own decisions, ”said McConnell, a Kentucky Republican.

Republicans are refusing to support an increase in the debt ceiling because they say it will be used to fund a massive social spending program Democrats hope to unilaterally adopt in the coming weeks.

The bill will likely cost up to $ 3.5 trillion and fund a range of new government programs including free preschool programs, free community colleges, paid family and medical leave, expanded health insurance, and more.

Democrats say raising the debt ceiling must be bipartisan and blamed the debt on Trump-era tax cuts. They hope to blame the government’s funding deadlock on the GOP.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called Republicans “imbalanced” and “reckless” for opposing the bill to raise the debt ceiling and provide government funding.

Schumer said the GOP opposition would shut down essential government services and explode the economy “just to score short-term and meaningless political points.”


Democrats control the House, Senate and White House, making it unlikely that they will let the government shut down and default on loans.

Party leaders might decide to tie an increase in the debt ceiling to the welfare program, but have so far rejected the idea. Democrats said they were considering further unilateral actions to extend the country’s borrowing limit, but did not provide details.

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