Singapore consults with tech companies on proposed codes of practice: Josephine Teo

Ms Teo said a common theme in the government’s consultations is that Singapore had better “not take a very prescriptive approach but rather be results-based”.

This means that Singapore would like to articulate in the codes what people hope to see as a result of interventions from social media services such as Facebook or Instagram, to achieve the same results.

The difference between the proposed codes and the existing Protection from Online Lies and Manipulation Act (POFMA) and Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) would be the broader spectrum covered by the codes.

“There is content that is very sexual in nature. There is content that is violent in nature. Should people be constantly exposed to this kind of content?” Mrs. Teo asked.

“I think even the social media platforms themselves believe there is a limit.”

Ms Teo pointed to content that has “societal implications”, within which there are differences between different societies.

“In our context, what will concern us most will be content related to racial harmony and religious tolerance. Now, if those things matter more to us, then we need to find a way to let media services know. and find a way to make sure we can safeguard those kinds of values ​​for our society,” she said.


During her trip, Ms. Teo also launched the US-Singapore Women in Tech partnership program with US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo at the SelectUSA Investment Summit.

The program aims to empower women leaders in technology and help them “make big and bold business ventures on both sides of the world.”

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