Some Tulsa businesses are eagerly awaiting small businesses on Saturday, grateful for no supply chain issues

As the Black Friday crowd calmed down Friday night across Green Country, shoppers eagerly awaited Small Business on Saturday.

Some companies in Tulsa have said they are not addressing supply chain issues despite nationwide issues.

At Magic City Books in downtown Tulsa, Pat Cawiezell, buyer program coordinator and author, said they are ready for Small Business on Saturday and are offering 10% off all books.

The store buys books directly from publishers, and so far this season he said they haven’t really had any supply chain issues.

“There are some things that are affected. You know the books that are really beautiful and very illustrated, there is a strict limit to what is available for these,” Cawiezell said.

He said Paul McCartney’s new book is a good example.

“At some point, all that is is what is and all that it is going to be,” he said.

“When you shop small, you are supporting your community,” said Emily Hrncir.

She is the downtown manager of “Made, Modern Handmade”.

Supply chain issues and delays at ports are the last thing Hrncir thinks of. The store orders its products from female artists across the country, including several from Oklahoma.

“We ordered all of our inventory like over the summer, for Christmas, before things got crazy,” she said.

Customer Charla Doerr won’t have to wait for all of her gifts to arrive in the mail. She found Christmas presents while shopping on Friday.

“Just unique giveaways and something different than just going online – a little more personal,” Doerr said.

Cawiezell said people may have a better chance of finding what they are looking for by buying in person from a local business, rather than online.

“I think they have a better chance of getting what they want, but also of discovering something that they didn’t even know existed,” he said.

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