Welcome to Monday ~ 12 December 2011

Roller Derby in Victoria

Happy Monday feminausts! We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and a fabulous Meredith Music Festival (if you were so lucky to attend). I haven’t done one of these for quite a while so bear with me… and as usual, we do not necessarily endorse the content but want you to have a good think about it all the same!

‘She who must not be named’ Award… the winner is Vaginas!!!

This has got to be my favourite title for a feminist protest event… MUFF MARCH! On 10 Dec (Saturday morning) in London, a group of fabulous people marched against ‘designer vagina’ surgery. The protest is marching against the growing (and terrifyingly fast at that!) trend of women having cosmetic surgery on their lady bits due to dissatisfaction at what it all looks like – or doesn’t look like. For a fabulous documentary about this very issue please don’t hesitate to watch The Perfect Vagina. And if you’re still enthused, check out MONA (down in Hobart) for some more work on the diversity of everyone’s map of tassie.

Durex… giving women another reason to worry about their vaginas.

Birth control, it’s all about vaginas. So get angry ladies, these manufacturers are taking your V-Jay-Jay’s on a ride…

Powerful vaginas… in pretty clothing. Continue reading