Theresa Donaldson becomes the first female president of the Port of Belfast


THE first female president in the history of Belfast Port Commissioners, Theresa Donaldson, paid tribute to outgoing President David Dobbin, who stepped down after six years in the post.

The former Dale Farm boss took over the chairmanship in 2015 and has helped oversee record levels of trade, financial performance and £ 250million investment in major infrastructure projects.

“Belfast Harbor’s ambitious program of investing in economically and socially important projects for the port and the region has helped transform Belfast waterfront, creating an attractive place for people to work, visit and live” said Dr Dobbins.

“I take this opportunity to send my best wishes to my successor, Theresa Donaldson. “

Former Managing Director with a broad portfolio of public appointments, Dr Donaldson praised David Dobbins’ “significant contribution” to the development of the Port of Belfast over the past decade.

“The Port of Belfast is essential for the smooth running of daily life in this region and a major contributor to the economy of Northern Ireland,” she said.

“I want to make sure that we continue to work in partnership with all of our stakeholders to achieve Belfast Harbor’s vision of becoming the best regional port in the world by expanding economic activity, adopting new smart technologies and respecting highest environmental standards as a clean and green port. “

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