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Gender and city is glorious, glamorous, luxurious and, like most of Darren Starr’s designs, ambitious. This iconic series is about the most glamorous version of New York City, where everyone wears designer labels for designer events and dates politicians, financiers and millionaires. It’s supposed to be a little unrealistic, of course, because it’s pure escape. Gender and city deals with some realistic and relatable topics, of course, but these are difficult topics in designer brands.

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From jaw-dropping apartments, labels, swanky nightlife, and opulent lifestyles to the seemingly part-time careers that support them, there are plenty of ways the money just doesn’t add up in this show. Fans love it anyway, sure, but these are some of the most ridiculous financial moments.

ten Carrie’s earnings

Carrie Bradshaw at the computer in SATC

Of the four main characters, at least two have careers that would actually be very rewarding (or could be): Miranda is a lawyer and Samantha is in public relations. Since Charlotte is in fine art, it is likely that she would also have heavy commissions. But Carrie seems to earn as much as the others (at least she never really has money problems), despite writing a grand total of one column per week, for a newspaper. Unless the New York Star pays four figures per column, it makes absolutely no sense that she would earn as much as she seems.

9 Endless expensive drinks and dinners

sex and city girls at brunch

At one point, Carrie jokingly exclaims that she ‘keeps sweaters in my stove’ to explain that she doesn’t cook, that she just eats out – and that fits the scenes. from the Serie. She and the girls constantly eat out – unbelievably expensive brunches, lunches, and dinners. They’re always seen in the best, newest, and coolest places in town, and can only get in thanks to Samantha’s connections (and once, a lucky stamp). These meals and all the champagne and cosmos that go with them would cost hundreds of dollars a head, but the ladies never seem to mind the tab.

8 The emblematic Manolos

a woman in white, her legs and shoes with red soles / gold shoes

Ah, the labels. Fashion is a big part of the show, but like all those fancy cocktails, dinners, and vacations (and the ring Samantha bought in the first movie, which costs more than many people would earn in a year), it doesn’t There’s just no way these women should be able to afford it. Maybe Samantha works with a huge range of fashion houses and gets some amazing freebies, but how can a the columnist offers dozens of pairs of shoes who are hundreds of pop? Some of these outfits cost thousands of dollars, yet they are only worn once and never seen again. Even if they could afford all of these designer clothes, they would probably wear them more than once!

7 The “ loan ” for the apartment

In the fourth season, Carrie goes from renting to buying, when his apartment is put up for sale. However, she only has a few thousand savings (and given the gap between supposed income and expenses, it’s amazing that she isn’t struggling with huge debts), so she reaches out. to friends for cash loans.

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In a controversial episode, she intimidates Charlotte by lending her tens of thousands, despite the fact that other people offered to give him money first – but more than that, the loan is never mentioned again. Considering Carrie couldn’t save anything until this point and continues to spend money like water, how the hell did she pay it all back?

6 How could Steve afford to buy a bar?

Steve Brady is probably the most realistic character, financially speaking, for most of the show – when Miranda meets him, he’s barging and he’s got the wardrobe to suit him. He can’t afford a cute costume for one of Miranda’s work events and lives in a tiny apartment (like many New Yorkers). However, later in the series, he suddenly managed to save enough to afford to buy a bar, buy a Brooklyn townhouse, and renovate it. Was he earning a lot of tips and just piling it up? Where does this massive influx of cash come from?

5 A New York without credit (no proof of income)

Kristin Davis as Charlotte + Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie + Cynthia Nixon as Miranda + Kim Cattrall as Samantha in Sex and the City Movie Entry 2

One of the most confusing things about this version of New York City is that there never seems to be any loan or credit issues – at least, it never gets mentioned. Carrie might be able to ‘borrow’ enough from her friends to put a deposit on her condo, but how did she even manage to get a mortgage, given that she has no savings, no money? financial security and no regular income (as a freelance writer)? Before buying the apartment, how did she manage to rock the rental, given that a norm in Manhattan is for tenants to prove that they have many times the rent in income (and again, Carrie is a freelance writer)? Likewise, even though Steve had squirrel thousands of people, how was he approved for a loan for the bar and a mortgage on a bartender’s salary, relying on tips? It seems that here the loan conditions are very different.

4 Mr. Big buys a penthouse like a cafe (but sells it)

Chris Noth as Mr Big + Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in Sex and the City Entry 5

Big is, admittedly, supposed to be a multimillionaire “ financier ” (and his job isn’t really explained beyond that), but even for him, the penthouse buying scene in the Gender and city the film is shocking. He and Carrie look at an apartment in the apartment building (probably in their price range) which is absolutely tiny … and yet, when shown to them the absolutely stunning penthouse, he casually says “ I got it ” while he offers to buy it.

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Even for himself, he would probably at least want to ask for the price? And if his pockets are indeed so incredibly deep that he could blow $ 40-50 million without blinking (according to cost estimate), why did he need to sell it as soon as they broke up? He didn’t need her contribution and could have paid it back while still keeping the apartment, which would likely be an incredible investment that would only increase in value.

3 They all own a house

Samantha, Carrie and Petrovsky's apartments in Sex and the City

Speaking of homeownership, it seems like everyone owns their own home. In the series, the women (in their thirties, for the most part) all manage to own a property in the most beautiful areas of Manhattan. Miranda, at one point (when separated from Steve in the movie) rents an apartment in Manhattan and share-lives alone in a house in Brooklyn. Aidan, a man who sells custom furniture, partly owns a bar with Steve, his own house, almost helps Carrie buy her place, and appears to own a cabin in the country. Real estate in this version of the city is cheap and plentiful, it seems.

2 How can Carrie afford an assistant?

In the movie, Carrie manages to pull off some of her most impressive ‘how can she afford that? To this day, as she pays for an all-expense paid vacation to Mexico for her honeymoon at a luxury resort, buys back her apartment (at an inflated cost), completely redecorates that apartment (with a fantasy ” to help you), and hire a full-time assistant. Why a woman who occasionally writes a column or article for Vogue needs a full-time assistant is a mystery, as is how she is paid. How could Carrie afford a total apartment makeover and an assistant (in addition to her usual lavish lifestyle) in advance of a book?

1 Carrie is distraught – but nothing ever goes wrong

Carrie lazily looking at her computer with her arm draped over her head

Other than not being able to immediately get a down payment for an apartment, Carrie never seems to talk about money, taxes, savings, retirement, or any other financial matter … and although it seems totally ignorant in many practical ways, that is never a problem. Carrie looks terrible with money, besides being terrible with technology, and freely admits to having virtually no savings, but fans are supposed to believe that this corresponds to a freelance writer who should buy his own health insurance and save for theirs. retirement and taxes on a regular basis. At some point, she surely would have blown her rent on a designer bag, or worrying about how to live into retirement age, but that just isn’t happening. Maybe that’s why she decided to marry Big – it has nothing to do with being the ‘one’, and everything to do with being a multimillionaire!

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