UN Women Australia MBA scholarship recipient drives change

Laurena Basutu, recipient of an MBA scholarship from UN Women Australia

Laurena has been awarded the 2022 UN Women Australia MBA Scholarship, which funds the part-time MBA study at the University of Sydney Business School. The scholarship aims to promote gender equality at the highest levels of the nation’s public, corporate, and nonprofit sectors, and is worth over $60,000.

A Project Manager at Transport for NSW, Laurena’s engineering career has seen her contribute to the compliance, safety and quality of various rail projects including freight, intercity fleet and regional fleet.

Her long-term goal is to create a sustainable infrastructure that gives women physical, economic and social access to opportunity – a lofty goal inspired by her family’s move from Zimbabwe to Narooma (on the south coast of New Wales). South) in the early 2000s.

“Growing up in Zimbabwe, I was constantly reminded that I was one of the lucky few, born after independence in 1980, whose future would not be compromised by colonialism. I would have access to opportunities that my mother and her mother before her could only dream of,” Laurena said.

“It wasn’t until I moved to Australia in 2004 and took the free school bus to Narooma High School that I understood what real access was. This bus trip changed my life. It gave me the structural support to access an education that would not have been available to me otherwise. Beyond that, it opened my eyes to the fact that no one can be free without equal access.

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