Vacation with a Credit Card, More Profitable or Harmful?


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Using a credit card as a financial means while on vacation is a tempting thing. Many conveniences offered by using a credit card. But don’t forget that there are no financial products that have no risk. All of course there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, make sure you consider all the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to go on vacation using a credit card.


Advantages of Using a Credit Card for Vacation

Credit Card for Vacation

At present there are a large variety of credit cards that can be found on the market. The variety of products usually provides different benefits for users. These benefits can be very beneficial for your vacation. Here are the advantages of using a credit card for a vacation:


There Is Always Backup

The most fundamental advantage of using a credit card is reserve money. You don’t need to worry if you don’t bring enough cash . Simply swipe your credit card and all bills are paid. This backup is very important when things happen that are not desirable while on vacation. For example, if you suddenly fall ill or have an accident.



Security Transaction

Each credit card is usually equipped with different promo facilities. For example, there are some airline airlines or inns that work with certain credit cards. If you use a particular credit card to pay for a plane ticket or lodging, there will be a special discount. Even sometimes there are credit cards that provide free holidays for users who meet certain requirements, you know.


This promotion also usually applies to places to eat or entertainment. Using these promotional tools will reduce your vacation expenses so that holidays are more economical.


Ease of Online Booking

Today everyone on average plans a vacation using online means such as Traveliku and etc. There are several payment options that can be used to pay for purchases on these websites. One of them is using a credit card. Paying with a credit card is very practical. You only need to enter your credit card number and a specific verification code. The process is very fast so it doesn’t waste your time.


Installment Facility

Installment Facility

No need to worry if you don’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket. At present some airline airlines have cooperated with credit card providers to provide airplane ticket payment installments. With these facilities it will be easier for you to pay off the cost of vacation.


Lack of Using a Credit Card for Vacation

As mentioned above, each financial product must have its own shortcomings, advantages and risks. Here are the disadvantages of using a credit card for a vacation:


Credit Card is Debt

Credit Card is Debt

Yes, of course credit cards are debt. If you can relax swiping your credit card while on vacation, don’t forget that after returning you have to pay all the bills. Actually the key to security in using a credit card is that debt must not exceed your assets. But in fact most people who are on vacation will be carried away by holiday euphoria so they waste money without being aware of the limits. As a result, after returning home confusion looking for ways to cover all credit card debt. Isn’t the main purpose of vacation is to refresh the mind instead of making life worse?

Unlike the case if you use the money that is already in your hands for a vacation. Even if your money runs out, there is no burden that must be borne later. If money runs out then you know when to stop spree. For some people owing is a big burden. Do you want to spend vacation time feeling uncomfortable because you owe?


Financial Settings become Chaotic

You will certainly make financial planning before going on vacation. But because of the euphoria of vacation and a sense of security with the existence of a ‘reserve money’ in the form of a credit card, the plan can fall apart. There is a high probability that you will violate the financial planning that you have made carefully before you go on vacation.


Security Transaction

Financial Settings become Chaotic

Credit cards can be used by anyone, in the sense that not only the card owner can use them. If the card is lost then a big disaster can happen to you. Anyone can use the card by forging your signature or finding out the secret pin of the card. This security risk also applies to the use of credit cards for online payments . If the system is messed up or your credit card is broken into by an irresponsible person, your bill will be chaotic. You certainly don’t want to pay a credit card bill for something you didn’t buy right?



Without realizing it, many unexpected expenses that you make while on vacation because you have a credit card. Expenditures are usually consumptive expenses. Actually these things are not really needed, but because of holiday euphoria and feeling ‘safe’, you can become very consumptive.


Credit Cards, Effective?

Credit Cards, Effective?

The use of credit cards while on vacation has many advantages and disadvantages. Consider carefully whether the benefits you get outweigh the risks that must be borne. Credit cards can be useful help if you are able to control them. But if you can’t, you shouldn’t use a credit card for a vacation.

Have you ever benefited from vacation using a credit card? Please share your experience in the comments column, thank you.

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