Voting tips ahead of the Montana primary election

In an all-out effort to ensure Missoula residents have the correct information to vote, County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman spoke to KGVO News on Tuesday to provide some late-breaking advice on voting for the June 3 primary election.

“The best tool for voters to know and understand where they are registered and where their ballots are, whether they are voting by mail or at a polling station, is at voter” , Seaman said. “It will let you know if you’re registered to vote, where you’re registered to vote, if you’re putting in a mail-in ballot, and then the status of that ballot, so if you’ve returned it, you can verify that we have verified this signature and we will count this ballot on election day.

Seaman said there were last-minute changes to polling stations for the primary.

“On my voter page, it’s going to list your voting location,” he said. “We did an update and we have four changes. So we contacted voters in those areas and sent them a voter confirmation card with their new polling location. If it was a polling station voter, we made sure to send them a card that showed them from that location to the new location, where their polling station was moved.

Seaman provided specific polling station locations for the upcoming primary.

“It’s going to affect Evaro voters,” he said. “They will vote across the street. We have voters from Lewis and Clark Elementary School who will be voting at Washington Middle School. We also moved Chief Charlo Elementary School and Meadow Hill Middle School to the old Cold Springs School, and voters who voted in Cold Springs are now in the new Jeanette Rankin Elementary School, so there was a bit of a redesign. But you can find out where you vote and even print a map to get back to your location on voter page

For those who saved their mail-in ballots or forgot to fill them out, Seaman said the elections office also has advice for them.

“At any polling place, we can take your absentee or your mail from the ballot,” he said. “We will have drive-thru available Saturday, Monday and Tuesday at a new location, it will be at the Missoula County Fairgrounds, located just off Russell Street, so we will have ballot drop-off service at the field of fair. You can drop off your ballot in person at the Election Center (at 140 North Russell), or one of our 27 other polling locations can pick up your mail-in ballot. Just make sure you’ve checked out the My Voter page and know where to go if you’re a voter at a polling station on Election Day.

General elections will be held on November 8.

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