What do I need to access the Private Credit?


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Requirements necessary to access Private Credit. DNI or NIE in force. Be over 18 years old , without age limit. Be physically and mentally qualified to acquire legal commitments .


Private credit

Private credit

It is always works with tangible guarantees. Exactly the guarantees that we accept are the following: Cars, motorcycles, boats, jewels, gold, silver, real estate, moorings and Payments. The repayment term depends on the appraisal value, it ranges from one to a maximum of 18 months . (Trying to increase this period is very complicated. Although not impossible). The applied interest varies according to the operation, depending on its complexity and risk. Interest is never less than 5% monthly . All the guarantees are deposited in our dependencies during the credit period, guaranteeing the return of this within the stipulated period, going to raise the transfer of the asset provided as collateral to the public, in the event that with a maximum of seven days from the Completion of the term stipulated by both parties has not paid the total amount of the Loan.

In the case of goods that do not have to be raised to the public, such as jewels or precious metals, the debt will be understood as satisfied, with the guarantee deposited, after seven days have elapsed since the end of the term stipulated in the contract.


In the event of not paying the total amount of the Credit

In the event of not paying the <a href=total amount of the Credit” />

Either for not being able or simply not interested in it , it does not generate any type of debt nor do we include it in any delinquency list , since it is settled with the guarantee deposited. Also inform you that being your willingness to pay, but you do not want to pay with the guarantee during the term of the contract, you have the right that we grant you to renew the contract as many times as you need , always paying the interest generated by the current contract in the Bank account described indicating your contract number before it ends . We automatically send you a new contract for the same period of time, the same interests being payable and having the same guarantees.


Guaranteeing the loan that is granted at the time of signing the contract

Guaranteeing the loan that is granted at the time of signing the contract

Our business is as simple as the fact of lending an amount of money always guaranteed for a tangible asset , and that you, within the stipulated period, return it to us in exchange for charging you interest, which will never be less than 5% monthly . This is what our business consists of.

We have the obligation to wait for expiration to collect our commercial margin and recover our money to re-lend or collect-us with the guarantee deposited with the inconvenience that this entails, but that we understand that it is part of the business we carry out. You as Borrower are solely responsible for what you do with the money granted. You are responsible for both benefits and losses.

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