Where to Deliver Legendary Weapons to GHOST Drop Boxes

The last week of FortniteThe Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass is here. This means that once you have completed 18 challenges from last week and this week’s Midas mission, you have the choice between GHOST and SHADOW for the spy chief. You will choose one skin style or the other, and your choice is permanent.

You can see the Midas in a white suit in the top image of this post. It’s GHOST. This is what SHADOW Midas looks like:

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll cover how to complete the GHOST Loyalty Mission. This white suit is awfully smooth. You can check out our SHADOW Midas loyalty mission guide here.

To complete this challenge, you will need to deliver two legendary weapons to GHOST drop boxes. These look like this:

We’ve delivered a variety and variety of these throughout the season, so you may already be familiar. They are scattered across the Fortnite card like this:

It’s a hard pill to swallow, of course. No one wants to part with a legendary drop. You could kill two birds with one stone here, though. One of the challenges from last week tasks players with upgrading a weapon to legendary at an upgrade bench. Do it, then drop it in a GHOST drop box.

One of this week’s challenges requires you to eliminate players with legendary or boss weapons, so once you’ve done that you can then deliver either to a GHOST dropbox to complete the loyalty mission, although you must first have completed 18 Midas Mission Challenges in total.

Anyway, good luck there! And choose GHOST this time, right? GHOST really needs a win. I’m pretty sure the community went SHADOW every time, even though Skye (at the very least) should have been GHOST. Never mind.

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