Why you should never feel guilty for wanting to be rich



Why is talking about money frowned upon? Why are people ashamed to say they want to be rich? Why do women, in particular, feel guilty for asking for a raise, often when there is a plethora of evidence to back it up that it is deserved and fair?

I help people with their personal finances, others with their business finances and for many it’s both. When starting a new business, business and personal money can be very intertwined.

I love hearing about people’s business, why they do what they do and always hearing how they think they are helping others or improving the lives of their clients in some way. Very rarely do people say, “… and I intend to make a lot of money doing it”.

When I ask questions about their financial goals, almost always, the confidence and passion I just witnessed when they talk about their business vanishes and is replaced by embarrassment or embarrassment.

Can you guess what is the number one question I get from a female business owner? It’s “How or what can I afford?”

Some have run successful businesses for many years and only pay themselves the bare minimum, or even that, in order to survive financially.

Often times, the company’s bank account overflows while their personal bank account is operating with the red light on. And it is common for their staff to be paid more than they pay themselves.

It’s a state of mind that I have thought about a lot. They work so hard and usually work long hours. Their profession is their passion and they can speak ardently and openly about why they believe in it. They don’t run charities. Many rely on their business income to support themselves and their families.

They admit to themselves, in private, that they want to make money with their business, so why not say it out loud? It is a business and its purpose is to generate profits.

Why do they think they will be judged if they admit that they are running their business to make money? My experience is that this seems to be more of a problem for women than for men.

The reason for each is personal to them. More often than not, I hear that they don’t want to be seen as greedy. Somehow doing it for money alongside their other goals makes them feel inauthentic or at least they fear being seen as inauthentic.

With service companies that are all about helping individuals, it seems particularly rude to say that you are doing it for money as well. Customers expect to pay you for your time, so why be ashamed of that?

It is a complex prospect and I will continue to learn more and meditate for years to come. It’s not just business owners who feel this.

Either way, doing it for money alongside their other goals makes business owners feel inauthentic or at least fearful of being seen as inauthentic.

Carol Glynn, Founder, Conscious Finance Coaching

I speak to inspiring and successful female employees who hold very high positions and earn excellent salaries. And they talk to me like they’re ashamed. They are afraid to talk to their family or friends because they feel “privileged” to be financially abundant, but do not want to admit it for fear of being judged. They also don’t feel safe to admit that they don’t know how to handle it to get richer.

They are told that they have to be careful with their money, invest it to make it grow, but admitting that they want to be rich is unacceptable. It is quite an enigma.

People should be paid for their time, expertise and hard work, and not feel guilty for doing it.

Know that you deserve to be paid for your hard work. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be rich or to be rich.

Money is energy, the more you have the more you can use it to do yourself good, live the life you want and also help people and causes that matter.

Perhaps this is a great way to start with a more positive mindset when it comes to seeking and having financial abundance.

But remember, it’s okay to provide for yourself first, you don’t have to give your all to be a good person. Put on your own oxygen mask first.

Carol Glynn is the founder of Conscious Finance Coaching

Updated: October 1, 2021, 4:00 a.m.


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