Wine brand BIPOC, founded by a woman, launches a third grape variety


Created by two BIPOC women, the new wine brand caused a stir by launching Mom Juice Rosé

DENVER (September 2022) – KT Winery, a wine brand owned by Black and Asian women, who already have Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio in their Mom Juice Wine brand collection, can now add Rosé to their product line.

Founded by Kristin Taylor Hines and Macie Mincey, the two co-founders met three years ago at a conference and as business sparks flew, the pair stayed in touch. Buying wines, Hines scoured the aisles but never found anything that appealed to his playful nature. She saw the millennial market’s lack of appeal in the wine industry as well as BIPOC’s female representation gap and sought to bring them together – the playfulness of a brand combined with great tasting wine. at a reasonable price. When she was ready to bring her idea to life, she called Macie on speed dial and together they found their mission.

Since launching in 2021, KT Winery has rapidly grown in popularity since the release of their Signature Cabernet followed by Mom Juice and has become unique in its category for its followers. Mom Juice became their first brand within the KT collection because Kristin’s passion for wine came from her own mother collecting wine while traveling the world while Macie can attribute her sense of purpose to the world of wine. having a mother exposing him to travel at an early age and cultivating a closer relationship with his grandmother.

“I decided to start KT Winery because I was ready to offer something new and unique to the market. I didn’t just want to put a label on a bottle of wine; I wanted to partner with a family vineyard and a seasoned winemaker like Brian Kosi. The tribute in my case is to have a badass mother who gave me the example of what it means to defy the norm, to pursue your dreams and to believe in yourself. My mother nurtured the idea that I could get along with anyone by finding common ground. This manifested in wine as my great equalizer that I used in social settings because wine and food are translatable regardless of language or culture. said founder, Kristin Taylor Hines.

“I have personally grown to love wine through my experience working in the banking industry and my nervousness at dinner parties with clients. Wine country like Martha’s Vineyard and Napa offer a complete experience where you will learn about the grape, will define your palate and the story behind each wine. We want to bring that same experience to our customers. Wine education and storytelling is our differentiator; our wine is good, minimally handled and produced sustainably. We want that our customers enjoy the experience that comes with our brand, while honoring our moms at the same time,” said co-founder Macie Mincey.

This Colorado-based company produces and bottles its wine in Napa, California. See below for products/varieties:

  • Rosé: This light and crisp Rosé is semi-sweet with a delicate tangy and strawberry note. It is a light wine. Volume alcohol: 12.5%.
  • Pinot Grigio: A refreshing aromatic blend of citrus and green apple with a crisp, dry finish. It is a medium bodied wine. Alcohol: by volume: 14.4%.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: This Cabernet offers lovely aromas of black cherry and baking spice. It is a full-bodied wine. Alcohol by volume: 13.8%.

All KT Winery and Mom Juice products are available at select retailers, restaurants, and hotels from Miami to DC and North Carolina, as well as directly from their website (priced between $20.00 and $22.99 excluding tax and shipping costs to most states). Distribution in Colorado will begin next month, while national distribution, new varietals and a single-serving brand are currently in the works.


Launched in 2021 by Founder, Kristin Taylor Hines, and Co-Founder, Macie Mincey, KT Winery is an American winery company focused on bringing unique products to market and driving innovation in the wine industry. Produced and bottled in Napa, California with winemaker Brian Kosi, KT Winery currently offers its Signature Cabernet Sauvignon Collection, the Mom Juice brand in three varietals: Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rosé. To learn more, visit or follow on Instagram @MomJuicewine and @KTWinery for more news and brand updates.


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