Woman-owned fitness equipment store opens in Grand Rapids


GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – People were busy renovating their homes during the pandemic, and one of the most popular spaces to expand was a home gym, but equipment was nearly impossible to obtain and prices were skyrocketing .

Now a woman here in Grand Rapids is hoping to help Trio Fitness Supply, a new business launched by Katrina Goei to meet your needs.

“With the global pandemic, there has been a rise and people have focused a little more on their health and fitness,” says Katrina Goei, owner of Trio Fitness Supply.

Now is the perfect time for Katrina Goei to take the leap and start her own business.

“We have everything, foam rollers, resistance bands, dumbbells, dumbbells, obviously, squat racks, everything,” Goei says.

Goei says this makes it easy for consumers to pick up their orders directly from the warehouse.

“Shipping these heavy items is very expensive. So being able to offer this to our community in western Michigan is very exciting, ”Goei says.

She is now the only Midwestern distributor for American barbellSo whether you want a set of dumbbells or a fully customized gym, Goei can help you plan it.

“The three main questions I ask are: what is your space? What is your budget? And what kind of exercise are you looking to do? Then we can just sit down and discuss a few different ideas that I have and go through our products and we’ll find the one that works best for you, ”Goei says.

And as more gyms slowly reopen, she hopes Trio Fitness Supply can make things easier for homeowners.

“Unfortunately our Michigan gyms experienced this last year, a lot of them had to shut down completely due to the pandemic and a lot of them had to sell all of their equipment just to pay the rent. So when they’re up and ready again, I’m glad I can help them, ”Goei says.

An in-depth review of a recent Business Wire report shows that sales of fitness equipment rose 170% during the coronavirus lockdown.

You can consult the Trio Fitness Supply website to see what’s in stock and you can pick it up same day from the warehouse, and if it’s not there Katrina can order it and normally get it within a week.

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