Women’s entrepreneurial culture, an ingredient of innovation


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The development of innovative ideas that seek to revolutionize the traditional is the common denominator of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, an element that has no gender. However, the participation of women is essential for the development of an entrepreneurial culture at the global level. In this context, the International Day of the Entrepreneur (November 19) aims to make visible the role of women in the creation of new economic units.


According to data from the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, in the Americas, the highest proportion of female entrepreneurs is found in the Latin American region, an indicator that makes us reflect on their continued contributions to innovation and development. disruption of different industries, and in particular its relevance in the solid construction of companies that germinate and positively impact society.

Even the World Bank itself reveals the importance of promoting an entrepreneurial culture among women, since the agency’s information shows that by 2020, one in three business leaders is female.

In the current context of pandemic caused by COVID-19, the economies of countries are looking for mechanisms to pick up the pace and return to production and consumption levels before this health crisis, that is to say when entrepreneurship takes a fundamental role in promoting the economic recovery of nations and fostering a culture of innovation among women to facilitate their participation in the emergence of new business units.

Women entrepreneurs offer great potential to contribute to job creation, growth and competitiveness. In this context, female talent stands out beyond multitasking, having a creative pulse to develop ideas, unite forces between diverse talents and a critical view of solving everyday problems.

For example, in traditional sectors such as finance, real estate and technology, the role of women has been of great importance in promoting resilient and creative businesses. The fact of a convergence and an exchange of innovations offers a multitude of perspectives on solutions and breakthrough projects in the different economic sectors.

The promotion of an entrepreneurial culture in any country also involves a series of continuous actions on the part of those who make decisions, to promote leaderships which in turn build multicultural, intergenerational and multidisciplinary teams to have a positive impact on society.

Remember that entrepreneurs are also agents of change and play a role in job creation, which shows us the potential of innovative ideas. As we can see, women have taken on a major importance in business creation and entrepreneurship, thanks to this it has been possible to overcome several obstacles that did not allow women to have a leading role in deals.

The recognition and promotion of businesswomen will help in the future more and more women want to be part of or want to be an entrepreneur, this only benefits so that in the future there will be a level floor in which the women and men have the same projections and opportunities, but above all, an environment conducive to entrepreneurship from a gender perspective.

* Brynne McNulty Rojas is co-founder and CEO of Tu Habi, a real estate startup created in Colombia in 2019, and arrived in Mexico in 2021 with a disruptive and technological model to buy houses or apartments in an agile, simple and safe way, in a maximum period of 10 days.


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