Women’s home sewing and bakery businesses connect to beat coronavirus


ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – April 25, 2021): Amid the 3rd wave of Covid-19, a large number of “ women’s sewing and home baking businesses ” are thriving elsewhere in the country and are experimenting with unique ideas to meet the odd-hour demands of customers with special discounts on social media websites.

“Small businesses of various commodities had suffered in recent years, but various online platforms offered them the opportunity to keep their baking and sewing businesses active in difficult times,” said a home tailor in addressing a private news channel.

A large number of people, young and old alike, generally prefer to gift designer cupcakes and cakes to people these days and the demand for homemade cakes online is high, said a young pastry expert.

“We retailers of clothing and special baked goods for birthday and wedding ceremonies are now using free platforms to connect with shoppers,” said another woman.

Since the start of the government decision to stay at home due to the prevailing corona virus in the country, the majority of customers will likely prefer to buy and sew clothes online instead of physically going to stores to avoid any interaction with them. people, another female retailer said. who owned an electronic sewing business.

A woman tailor who has been sewing women’s clothing at home for 20 years, said that sewing clothes was the only source of income for thousands of women in the city and that electronic platforms and crowns gave them the opportunity to grow their business.

“Many women cannot leave their homes due to the critical condition of Covid, which is why sewing clothes at home is the best option for them,” explained a customer online.

However, before the Covid pandemic, female home tailors weren’t getting as many orders as a tailoring shop, but now we’re making a lot of money through our online personalization business.

A mother of two and the sole breadwinner in her family added that wealthy women can afford ready-to-wear clothes at designer stores anytime, but many women in class average depend on line stitching.

Electronic baking is the best online option for consumers during lockdown, one baker said, adding that we have a variety of cake designers who always attract our customers.

“We’ve had unprecedented demand due to limited store time, but we’re working around the clock to deliver customers’ orders, securely to their doorstep,” said another woman.

The online home sewing service is booming, said another young girl, adding that more and more entrepreneurs are rising to the top and providing the masses with effective solutions.

I am learning the art of baking on an experimental basis and now their cakes not only meet people’s sweet demands, but are famous all over the city, said a pastry expert.

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