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YBP is the perfect blend of professionalism and fun. Photo via YBP President Justin Dates

Looking to get involved in Birmingham’s black professional networking scene? Here is your chance. Whether you are an accountant, a business owner or just want to grow your network, we have an organization for you.

1. Young black professionals from Birmingham

a young black professional mixer at the ice rink
YBP mixers are the perfect place to meet new people. Photo via YBP President Justin Dates

Young Black Professionals of Birmingham (YBP) is for the ambitious and hardworking. YBP’s mission is to “strengthen Birmingham’s black professional community through networking, sharing ideas, events and resources to bring positive change to the Magic City”. This organization is not just for professional networking. Each month, the group organizes a volunteer event and a mixer. On November 14, YBP will host a “Party Mixer for Young Professionals” at the Cassanova Lounge.


2. Young Professionals from the Birmingham Urban League

BULYP members at a community food drive
BULYP has organized food drives throughout the pandemic for families in need. Photo via Instagram BULYP.

Birmingham Urban League Young Professionals is a voluntary organization of the Birmingham Urban League. BULYP’s goals are to “promote civic participation, financial literacy and education in the real world”. To join the Urban League Movement, attend their next general interest meeting on October 21 (via Zoom)


3.100 black men from the Birmingham underground

100 black male Birmingham underground professionals standing in a large group in suits
These men are changing the lives of young people in Birmingham. Photo via Metro Birmingham’s 100 Black Men Instagram.

This organization has four programs: Dream It, Build It, Grow It, and Share It. Members of the organization meet twice a year for strategic meetings to discuss ways to build community through mentorship. Then they do it by working with inspired young people who need role models. You can find these men supporting the children on their first days back to school in the community and at other events.


4. Turn on the Alabama

the ignite alabama logo
This organization helps minority business owners to develop their businesses. Photo via IGNITE! Alabama Facebook

Light up Alabama or IGNITE! is dedicated to the education and support of minorities with a special focus on black business owners in health and wealth. This educational organization holds sessions on topics such as covid relief loans, how to do business with the government, expense reports, and how businesses get credit.


5. National Association of Black Accountants Inc.

3 NABA women standing together at an event
Who Said Accounting Is For Guys? Photo via NABA Birmingham’s Facebook.

If you like numbers, the National Association for Black Accountants is for you. NABA is dedicated to uniting accountants and other business professionals, as well as accounting and business students, who are committed to professional and academic excellence. NABA has several programs, including business partners, career development, and community service. An advantage of being a member? All NABA members receive a 25% discount on Wiley test prep products.


6. Birmingham Black Techies

Black Techies of Birmingham keeps local black techies “up to date with what’s going on in the local tech ecosystem, tech learning opportunities and provides insight into various career paths.” If you’re a vlogger, graphic designer, gamer, or even a digital marketer, this organization is for you.


Are you considering joining any of these organizations? Let us know @BhamNow.


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