Youth Recap, Season 7, Episode 5: “ The Last Unicorn ”




The last unicorn

Season 7

Episode 5

Editor’s Note

3 stars

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You would think that for a guy whose last two major relationships were his wife, who left him with their daughters one day to go meet up, and a woman who committed identity fraud, Charles would be a little hesitant to go. launch. his neighbor – if anyone is allowed to have trust issues, it’s Charles Brooks – but no. He’s all about Quinn Tyler. And Liza has NONE.

True, at first she tries to get it. When Lauren shows her the “Page Six” element about Charles and Quinn’s relationship, she smiles and puts up with him. At the next team reunion on Quinn’s book, in which Quinn is clearly trying to mark her territory – she holds Charles’s hand and hints about her great sword, like we don’t all know about the Empiriconda already. – Liza is doing her best to smile through. She has a much worse poker face here, and honestly I’m surprised no one asks her if she’s having a stroke at some point.

Kelsey and Lauren tell Liza that she handles this well (hilarious) and that she doesn’t have to read Quinn’s book and give him notes if she doesn’t want to. Well, the woman has read it already, of course. And she has notes. Lots of notes. Mainly: it all sounds like bullshit. Kelsey, whose lipstick is perfect, is like, Well, duh, “This is a book about failure written by a billionaire, sure, that’s bullshit.” But Liza means even more than that. This book contains story after story about Quinn’s life, and most of them never seem to be true. Would Pope Benedict XVI consult with Quinn regarding the admission of female clergy? Honestly, that sounds so crazy it has to be true, right? Well, Liza decides that rather than let Quinn “smear” the reputation of Empirical or trash them like she did last time, when she nearly bankrupted them, Liza is going to check everything out. in the book. She’s not saying she does this too because Quinn is the worst and now she’s hooking up with the man Liza loves, but we’ve all figured it out. Liza is on a crusade and she cannot be stopped!

Of course, upon meeting people in Quinn’s orbit, she learns that a lot of people may not like Quinn (her previous second assistant, in particular, would love to bring down Quinn), but her stories seem to be true. Liza gets nowhere with her hunch that Quinn is lying.

At least Liza has something to distract her a bit: her friend from New Jersey, Michelle Gatsby the magnificent– themed costume party, and although Liza is a little disappointed she now has to go alone, Kelsey tells her that she looks fabulous and that she should have a good time. She also tells him that she should definitely walk past Charles in her glamorous outfit. She does, of course, even though, strutting in front of a stunned Charles, she wonders “what wave of feminism” this is. But Kelsey tells him to shut it up, “Shut up and be mean for once, he’s choking on his water.” That’s what friends are for!

This Gatsby the party is ridiculous, but hey, at least Sutton Foster can relive her Millie completely modern days with a little break from Charleston dancing. All is not lost, however, as Liza meets Vince, a sexy now divorced father from her previous life, and he’s single and ready to mingle, especially with Liza.

Liza doesn’t really feel ready to date him, but Vince says they can just think of this as “dinner buddies.” They actually have a lot in common when it comes to getting married young and having to start over after a divorce. Liza explains that her last relationship ended because the guy wanted to get married and she is no longer sure that she believes in marriage. This interests Vince even more. He is delighted to meet someone else who is ready to sleep and never commit. “No bells, no strings,” he said expectantly. Oh, that sends Liza disabled. She really wants ropes and commitment and a true partner in life. She just doesn’t see the need to be married to do this. She doesn’t want to be a wife. She doesn’t want her life to “revolve around hers.” She tells all this in the middle of a restaurant, almost bursting into tears. And then when Vince asks if she really isn’t done with the last guy (you think, model?), She sure says not. She’s still in love with him, and they blew this wonderful thing they had because “he didn’t get what he wanted.” And then she completely bursts into tears. It’s a terrible date.

Meanwhile, Charles and Quinn are having a great time on their date. Charles continues to make no apologies for wanting stability in his life and Quinn does all his “Go after what you want” thing and they get along and honestly it’s a bit of a snoozefest. Yet when Liza catches them laughing at the office the next day, she is not amused.

And then she receives a very interesting phone call. During her fact-checking mission, Liza had called one of Quinn’s failed senatorial campaign consultants, who was tasked with determining where Quinn was most vulnerable and what his biggest drawbacks would be. Quinn’s cold, condescending, and elitist comes as no surprise to Liza, but when the consultant begins to talk about how she found out Quinn could easily increase her poll count if she was married (as frustrating as this bs patriarchal is), it improves Liza. . The consultant says she suggested Quinn find a handsome guy Kennedy to marry and stand by her side. Quinn hated the idea, but now that there are rumors, Quinn wants to run again, maybe even for the Governor, well, she’s probably rethinking that strategy. Liza takes it all in watching Quinn and Charles become friends, and she can’t help but think that she’s figured out what Quinn is up to.

• Clare and Real Estate Rob have broken up, which means Clare, Kelsey and Lauren are going out for a boozy breakup brunch, but more importantly, that means Clare is now free if Josh has feelings for her again, you know. , if be one thing that interests him for this final season.

• When Kelsey initially suggests a girls brunch to boost Clare’s morale, Lauren’s response is, “Brunch is your answer to everything. Make it a tea; it’s less of a commitment.

• Maggie finally gets a story this season, and, hey, that involves Janeane Garofalo! She plays Cass, the dean of a New York arts college who offers Maggie a teaching position. It’s kind of a dream situation for Maggie until she realizes she just had a super hot night sleeping with a gorgeous woman … who happens to be Cass’ wife. So it’s not great.

• Okay, can we now give Kelsey a really good story? She deserves it!

• Michelle tells Liza that she did some “deep googling” on Charles. Michelle’s husband explains that “googling deep” simply means “googling three glasses of wine on Google.” He’s not wrong!

• “Alright Liza, I want you to know that I recognize your passion, I respect it and I’m afraid of it.”


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